“She Put the Piñata on a Pedestal”

“She Put the Piñata on a Pedestal”

She got a Nipyata for her party, and as she strung it up, the mystique hung heavy in the hot summer air.  The guests, intrigued at the sight, whispered quietly to each other, "What could it contain?"  "Who would be the one to open it?"  "When is this happening?"  As a warm breeze blew through the trees, the Stay Classy Burrito swayed and swung around revealing the bright, bold NIPYATA! logo, and the party erupted into thunderous cheers.  The echoes bounced off the surrounding houses, causing dogs to bark, birds to flock from trees, and irate neighbors to shout “SHUT UP!” from their windows.  The party guests raised their hands, fists clenching bottles and pumping them in the air in a reverential salute to this multi-colored god swaying from the tree in front of them.

The party was at a turning point, and a thirsty crowd was salivating with anticipation.  The DJ turned up the sound system to 11 causing the ground to vibrate.  The sensual hip swaying and hypnotic gyrations of some of the more scantily clad party goers spread like a wave throughout the backyard, and pretty soon everybody moved as one in celebration of what was to come.  The first Swinger was about to step to the swaying Nipyata, and that’s when it happened.

She burst out the back of the house through the screen door which wasn’t even open.  “TAKE IT DOWN!  STOP!  TAKE IT DOWN!”  One-by-one, the party people watched her flash by them.  The crowd parted to make way for her.  It all happened so smoothly.  She was on a mission…what was she doing though?  The DJ, seeing this all unfold, panicked and the record screeched to a halt.   The dancing crowd stopped abruptly and silence descended upon the party save for the frantic cries of this woman on her mission, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!  MOVE!  IT’S NOT HAPPENING!”  The party people had little time to adjust to this untimely buzzkill. 

She leapt toward the Burrito, snatching it from its suspended perch and landing on the ground in the fetal position with the Burrito clutched firmly in her arms.  “It’s okay, it’s okay,” is all she said.  The crowd shot sideways glances at each other, crickets chirped in the distance, and the summer breeze rustled the leaves.  And skirts.  She got up slowly and made her way back into the house.  The crowd followed amid awkward hushes and watched her place the Burrito on the mantel above the fireplace.

She was out of breath, but she managed to puff out a few words, “The Burrito is NOT to be touched.  There’s something special about it.  I feel a connection to it and you all should too.”  With that, she left the room and the party resumed outside with the Burrito there only in spirit.


This was an extreme case, but such is the majesty and allure of a Nipyata.  The beauty can be overwhelming, and often times the owner will put it on display.  Occasionally it becomes so cherished that it gets passed down through the generations as a family heirloom.  If you want to test the experience for yourself, give it a try to see what it’s all about.