The Booze-Infused Gummies Stay Classy Burrito®! (Booze-Infused Gummies Pre-loaded)

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The Booze-Infused Gummies Stay Classy Burrito®! (Booze-Infused Gummies Pre-loaded)

The Booze-Infused Gummies Stay Classy Burrito®! (Booze-Infused Gummies Pre-loaded)

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The Stay Classy Burrito® Booze-Infused Gummies NIPYATA!® is a fan favorite and perfect for those keeping it classy while partying hard. The Ultimate Boozy Birthday Gift!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Don't love it? Return for free with no questions asked. 

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This is the Original NIPYATA! - it reeks of pure class. 


  • 15 Booze-Infused Gummies pre-loaded inside the NIPYATA! for your convenience (each gummy is 5% ABV and is made by Smith & Sinclair®)
  • NIPYATA!® Hangin' Twine - for your hanging convenience
  • NIPYATA!® Smashin' Stick - built for adults
  • NIPYATA!® Blindin' Blindfold - the ultimate sight remover!
  • NIPYATA!® Rules of the Game® - hilarious instructions and gameplay variations
  • NIPYATA!® Personal Note - tell your boozy lover how much they mean to you
  • 15 Assorted Candies:  Skittles®, Starburst®, Gummy Lifesavers®, Dots®, Dum Dum® Lollipops (20+ packs)
  • Gift Receipt (no pricing shown to recipient)
  • Discreet Packaging - keeps it a surprise - plus your boss doesn't need to know about your drinking and smashing problem
  • Special forces that ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to all!

Size: 17"(h) x 5"(w) x 13"(d)

Demeanor: Cuddly. Cute. Boozy. Smashy. Fun loving.

Assembled in the beautiful USA! Can be opened and resealed upon arrival if you'd like to add your own contents. The candy and booze-infused gummies are conveniently packed inside the NIPYATA! Open box. Hang 'Yata. Smash Responsibly. 

Must be 21+ to order. Product can be shipped to all 50 USA States : ) Yassss!