Graduation Cap-Yata! (12 Bottles Pre-loaded)
Graduation Cap-Yata! (12 Bottles Pre-loaded)
Graduation Cap-Yata!

Graduation Cap-Yata! (12 Bottles Pre-loaded)

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For certain grads, a Graduation Cap filled with booze is the ONLY way to graduate in style.

Makes an amazing gift for recent grads who likely owe you a lot of money from four years of tuition (and binge drinking). Now let's get a few nips inside you and go make some bad decisions. Balance it on your head or throw it off the deck. Makes for an amazing prop or table decoration. Want to customize the liquor? Use our Custom Order Form

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  • 12 Mini Plastic Bottles of Spirits: (50ml) 
  • Jim Beam® Whiskey (1 bottle)
  • JaJa@ Tequila Blanco 100% Agave Azul (2 bottles)
  • Deep Eddy® Flavored Vodka (3 bottles)
  • Smirnoff® Vodka (3 bottles)
  • Fireball® Cinnamon Whiskey (3 bottles)
  • NIPYATA! Rules of the Game - hilarious and naughty gameplay variations
  • Smashin' Stick, Blindfold and 20 feet of twine for your convenience.
  • 15 packs of assorted candies (Skittles, Dum Dums, Starburst and Gummy Life Savers).
  • Also filled with good luck and special forces that ward off evil spirits.
  • Mini plastic bottles and candy are pre-filled inside the NIPYATA! for your convenience.

Deliver to a location where someone 21 + is available to sign for it- for easiest delivery, ship to a business address. If no one is home to sign, it will be held at the nearest FedEx location and delivery will be attempted on the following business day.

Dimensions: 13" by 13" by 6" 

Demeanor: Seriously fun. Ready for a job offer. Can close a deal. Graduation Party MVP.

Good Idea for Handwritten Note: "Congratulations on your graduation! You did it! You saucy little minx. Love, Paul."