The Smash Cancer NIPYATA! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded) - PRE-ORDER

The Smash Cancer NIPYATA! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded) - PRE-ORDER

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"The American Childhood Cancer Organization and NIPYATA! have partnered together to help smash cancer! NIPYATA! has created a special gold ribbon pinata, available with either candy or candy AND spirits for the over 21 crowd, that is perfect for your Go Gold® event or End of Chemo party!


These fun piñatas come complete with a smashin’ stick, 20 feet of hanging twine, and a blindfold so all you have to do is set it up and start smashing! 

The best part? NIPYATA! is generously donating 15% of every gold ribbon piñata purchased to ACCO so they can support our childhood cancer warriors! Head to the link below to purchase your gold ribbon piñata today to help smash cancer!"

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Don't love it? Return for free with no questions asked.

***Pre-Order Item - will begin shipping Oct 30, 2020***


  • 15 Plastic Mini Bottles (50ml) of Delicious Booze (Nips!):
  • Fireball® Cinnamon Whiskey (4), Jim Beam® Whiskey (1)
  • Deep Eddy® Vodka (2), Smirnoff® Vodka (2),
  • Jose Cuervo® Silver (1), Jose Cuervo® Gold (1), Margaritaville® Gold (2)
  • Captain Morgan's® Rum (1), Bacardi® Rum (1) 
  • NIPYATA!® Hangin' Twine - for your hanging convenience
  • NIPYATA!® Smashin' Stick - built for adults
  • NIPYATA!® Blindin' Blindfold - the ultimate sight remover!
  • NIPYATA!® Rules of the Game® - hilarious instructions and gameplay variations
  • NIPYATA!® Handwritten Note - tell your boozy lover how much they mean to you
  • 15 Assorted Candies:  Skittles®, Starburst®, Gummy Lifesavers®, Dots®, Dum Dum® Lollipops (20+ packs)
  • Gift Receipt (no pricing shown to recipient)
  • Discreet Packaging - keeps it a surprise - plus your boss doesn't need to know about your drinking and smashing problem
  • Special forces that ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to all!

Size: 19"(h) x 14"(w) x 13"(d)

Demeanor: Celebratory. Smashing. Happy. Fun-loving. 

Assembled in the beautiful USA! Can be opened and resealed upon arrival if you'd like to add your own contents. The candy and miniature plastic bottles of spirits are conveniently packed inside the NIPYATA! Open box. Hang 'Yata. Smash Responsibly. 

For easiest delivery, ship to a business address or a location where a person 21 years of age or older will be present to sign for the package.