Our Story

nip·ya·ta \nip-ˈyä-tə\ noun. A piñata filled with nips and candy chasers.  Typically strung up at parties and beaten with a stick by adults until it breaks and things fall out and everyone goes wild.  In other words:  The World's Greatest Party Gift.

Nipyata Family with Original Stay Classy Burrito

La familia de Sr. Francisco Nipyata y un burrito nipyata del año ~1836

We launched NIPYATA! with the help of The Thirsty Quaker in Jersey City, NJ and we are excited to bring you the original NIPYATA!- a party favor like no other. 

Order one today or tell your friends you want one for your birthday, then party your pants off!

Viva la frenzy! Viva NIPYATA!


NIPYATA! Booze Piñata - Adult Strength Piñatas

Order A NIPYATA! Today And All Of Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True