Piñatas Delivered

"The Ultimate Boozy Gift."

"So. Much. Fun."

We created NIPYATA! for the fun ones. All of those grownups out there who refuse to grow up.

You know who you are - you still appreciate a good laugh, a great party and some old-fashioned tomfoolery.

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"The most entertaining gift I've ever received."

Built Tough

Designed to withstand the power swings of inebriated adults and hold up to eight pounds of liquor. This ain't no kiddie piñata.

Soft Plastic Bottles

We include safe plastic bottles of liquor and candies, plus the hysterical NIPYATA!® Rules of the Game®.

Deliver By Date

We ensure it arrives on time for the debauchery! Let's get a few nips inside you and go make some bad decisions!

"May all of your gifts be boozy, brilliant and fun!"

The NIPYATA!® has been known to induce laughter, euphoria and bring good luck.

Some say it is a natural libido enhancer. You be the judge.

The Best Liquor Brands

The Twisted Sugar Skull! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

The Twisted Sugar Skull! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

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Send the gift of boozy bliss - The Twisted Sugar Skull! will make them smile and laugh with delight! Homebound and stressed out? Smash this beauty open and release some tension. Have a few nips and unwind with a virtual drinking session with friends. Social distancing can still be a smashing success.

Built tough to withstand the adult strength swings of inebriated grownups and hold up to 8lbs of liquor bottles, this beauty is conveniently pre-loaded with 15 miniature 50ml plastic bottles of liquor, candies and ready to party!  

Makes a hilarious gift. Can be used as a prop, table decoration or drinking game.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Don't love it? Return for free no questions asked. Size: 20" x 14" x 6" 


  • 15 Plastic Mini Bottles (50ml) of Delicious Booze (Nips!):
  • Fireball® Cinnamon Whiskey (3), Jim Beam® Whiskey (1)
  • Deep Eddy® Vodka (2), Smirnoff® Vodka (2),
  • Smirnoff® Flavored Vodka (2), Baileys® Irish Creme (1)
  • Captain Morgan's® Rum (1), Bacardi® Rum (1) 
  • JaJa® Tequila Blanco 100% Agave Azul (2)
  • NIPYATA!® Hangin' Twine - for your hanging convenience
  • NIPYATA!® Smashin' Stick - built for adults
  • NIPYATA!® Blindin' Blindfold - the ultimate sight remover!
  • NIPYATA!® Rules of the Game® - hilarious instructions and gameplay variations
  • NIPYATA!® Handwritten Note - tell your boozy lover how much they mean to you
  • Assorted Candy:  Skittles®, Starburst®, Gummy Lifesavers®, Dots®, Dum Dum® Lollipops (20+ packs)
  • Gift Receipt (no pricing shown to recipient)
  • Discreet Packaging - keeps it a surprise - plus your boss doesn't need to know about your drinking and smashing problem
  • Special forces that ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to all!

    Select the liquors, pick your delivery date and let's get smashed!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these things dangerous? What's inside?

    Dangerous? Hell yes, they are dangerous. Any type of piñata is potentially dangerous, but especially a NIPYATA!®. For your safety, we use plastic bottles of delicious liquor.

    If I bring a NIPYATA! out on the town, what can I expect?

    You'll make a crazy amount of stupid friends, or a stupid amount of crazy friends. Either way, you'll look like a golden party goddess next time you're out getting ripped.

    What if I absolutely need one delivered today?

    You can find the Stay Classy Burrito® NIPYATA! In these fine stores. Call them for delivery options.

    What if the recipient's state doesn't allow liquor shipping?

    Great question- to ship a boozy beauty NIPYATA! to the party people of PA, UT, TX, etc. we swap out the Nips of liquor for 5% ABV Booze-Infused Candies by Smith & Sinclair® - they are tasty, boozy and can be shipped to all 50 states. YASSS! Scroll down or click here to check it out

    If I send this to my significant other and don't get laid, can I get my money back?

    We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a reason. This product does not disappoint.

    If I sent one to my grandma for her 70th birthday, am I a sicko?

    You'd be a sicko not to send it. Smashing a NIPYATA!® is therapeutic and invigorating.

    I brought two Peen-Yata! to my friend's bach, and her idiot friend from college Marisa said that I was "peacocking" - what do you guys think?

    Marisa is, in fact, an idiot. Two Peens is always better than one Peen. That's just science.

    Can you make me a six foot long Peen-Yata! filled with Colombian marching powder and bath salts?

    Can I answer a question with two questions?

    Why do you think we created this Ridiculous Custom Order Form

    What if I have a serious question about this?

    Another great question. We try not to field too many serious questions, but you can always check our FAQ or email us at

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