"The most entertaining gift I've ever received."

— Jeff H. from Boston, MA 

"Came with a stick, a string to hang it up and a blindfold. Nice variety of nips too - Jack Daniels, Deep Eddy Vodka and Dulce Vida Tequila. I partied my panties off! Literally." 

Ellie C. 32, NYC

"Although the "Stay Classy" Nipyata! may not lead to a classy night out on the town, it certainly does lead to you being the most awesome person at the party. "

Jeff H. 36, Portland

"Carrying this Stay Classy bad boy around with you will make you a crazy amount of stupid friends and/or a stupid amount of crazy friends. Get involved immediately."

Chaz S. 29, Austin

"Your rating scale ends at 5 stars - i would've given this 10!  I brought it to a party as a gift and got lucky that night with my new crush.  Coincidence?  I don't think so."

Jenna P. 31, Los Angeles

"I purchased a NIPYATA! as a sparring partner. It gave me the liquid courage to move up a weight class! I'm mentally stronger and more aggressive than ever!"

Sparky, 8, Costa Mesa

"I wanted a unique hostess gift - when I found Nipyata I laughed out loud thinking it was perfect.  I saw some of my guests in the nude that night. I think it was the NIPYATA!"

Marie S. 38, San Diego

"It's hard to convey in words how much my friends and I enjoyed the experience: from drunkenly waving around a stick, violently tearing open the belly of the piñata, and then giggling with glee as it erupted and rained Fireb all--like manna from heaven--onto a group of fairly intoxicated merry-makers."

— Mike J. 39, San Francisco

"I will be ordering a NIPYATA! for every party I host or attend. Forever. They are simply incredible."  

- Bill G. 34, Hoboken

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Grab a NIPYATA! then get a few nips inside you and let's go make some bad decisions.