Smashing Cancer

Let us tell you our story.

Cancer hit us hard in 2019. It directly impacted all four of our founding team members. 

William Childs our first hire and an absolute rock star who manages our Retail Store Sales was hospitalized with a rare form of cancer. 

Dan's father HBD (Handsome Big Dan) passed away within a month of diagnosis - an aggressive form of cancer spread throughout his body. It was devastating for the Cedrone family and their large network of friends. 

Andrew's wife Kristin was diagnosed in early 2019 with breast cancer and is recovering after going through chemo, radiation and surgery. 

We have always wanted to tie NIPYATA! to a positive mission and we're going to smash cancer through monthly partnerships, sponsoring cancer related fund raisers and we have committed to donating 5% of all profits to St. Jude's.

Most companies aim to raise millions. 

We're going to raise $100billion and invest enough funds into cancer research across a wide variety of treatments and experimental research that we'll smash it into oblivion. 

We're smashing cancer because we've had enough of the physical, emotional and financial stress it puts on those impacted. 

We stay positive. We love to have fun. We like to party with a purpose. 

We hope you join our cause and enjoy life because it can be short and in the blink of an eye things can change. 

Our goal is to make sure cancer gets smashed like a majestic NIPYATA! 

Thanks for listening and feel free to email us with feedback, fundraising ideas and if you just want to send some love:


- Your boozy friends at NIPYATA!

Will, Dan, Andrew and William

Our Founders

Dan Cedrone

Runs product development and manufacturing.

Will Hench

Runs marketing, brand and e-commerce operations.

Andrew Hench

Runs retail sales, customer service and new store onboarding.


If you'd like to work with us on a project to help raise awareness and funding for your initiative, please reach out to us below.