Game Changer of a Review on The Big 30! Nipyata

Game Changer of a Review on The Big 30! Nipyata

This latest review courtesy of Iron J, entitled "A Game Changer":

I needed a gift for a friend's 30th birthday, and I found Nipyata! It was either steaks, or this...and THIS, my friends, let me tell you, did NOT disappoint. Strolled into the party hall holding the big, bright, bold number 30 high over my head, pumping it up and down, while getting a solid, "ANDY'S 30, ANDY'S 30, ANDY'S 30" chant going. That got things off to a nice start, but when Andy's girlfriend grabbed it from me and started riding it like some sort of piñata cowgirl we knew this was the gift of champions. Viva Nipyata!!

We could all learn a thing or two from our new friend, Iron J, about parties, friends, and one's swagger.  First, always make a bold entrance.  No better way to do this than chanting and fist pumping a Nipyata on your way in the door.  Second, make sure your friends are, ride-a-pinata fun like Andy's girlfriend here.  Finally, know that you got the swagger when you stroll into the party with a Nipyata tucked under your arm.  Do that, and chances are you'll be walking OUT of the party with a girl under EACH arm.  Vaya con Nipyata!

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