The Review of All Reviews

The Review of All Reviews

Dear Nipyata Staff:

Thank you very much for recently supplying me with a donkey-shaped piñata stuffed with Fireball nips.

It's hard to convey in words how much my friends and I enjoyed the experience: from drunkenly waving around a stick, violently tearing open the belly of the piñata, and then giggling with glee as it erupted and rained Fireball--like manna from heaven--onto a group of fairly intoxicated merry-makers.

Fortunately, this allowed us to go from "fairly" intoxicated to "yes, definitely" intoxicated, which was, of course, the goal of the event.

I can't say for sure--I may have blacked out--but it's possible that several children were conceived as a result of your product. If I do become a new father as a result of this, rest assured that, boy or girl, my child will be named NIPYATA! (probably "Nippy" for short).


El Condor


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