The Review of All Reviews

The Review of All Reviews

Dear Nipyata Staff:

Thank you very much for recently supplying me with a donkey-shaped piñata stuffed with Fireball nips.

It's hard to convey in words how much my friends and I enjoyed the experience: from drunkenly waving around a stick, violently tearing open the belly of the piñata, and then giggling with glee as it erupted and rained Fireball--like manna from heaven--onto a group of fairly intoxicated merry-makers.

Fortunately, this allowed us to go from "fairly" intoxicated to "yes, definitely" intoxicated, which was, of course, the goal of the event.

I can't say for sure--I may have blacked out--but it's possible that several children were conceived as a result of your product. If I do become a new father as a result of this, rest assured that, boy or girl, my child will be named Nipyata (probably "Nippy" for short).


El Condor


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  • Shelby M.

    I’m going to buy 10 of these right now. This is perfect.

  • Josie

    I loved this piñata. I took it on vacation with me. We were in a dry county and had run out of alcohol. That’s when I hung this up and started blind folding everyone. We finally broke into it and the faces were unforgettable. Thank you for making our vacation a success!

  • Mr. Hand

    I just got the teacher appreciation card from one of my students! It came with a delicious bottle of Angry Orchard. Zoom school ain’t easy. The kids want to go back. The teachers want to go back. Until we do go fully back in person, I’ll have a little cooler waiting just outside of camera view with an ice cold Angry Orchard ready for the daily “end meeting for all” click!!! Thanks Nipyata!!!

  • katherine a.

    HAHA!! This review does live up to its name as one of the best reviews ever. So funny!! – Katherine of

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