What happens when you take a Nipyata to a Michigan - Penn State Tail Gate Party?

What happens when you take a Nipyata to a Michigan - Penn State Tail Gate Party?

Last week one of our biggest customers had a last minute urgent request. They needed an overnight shipment of a Stay Classy Burrito out to Ann Arbor for Michigan vs. Penn State. So what did we do? We got the job done and these guys got ripped at the tail gate Nipyata-style. We wanted to get some color on the experience. Here's the hard hitting interview:

Nipyata: Carrying a Nipyata under your arm or on your shoulder like a bad ass boom box from the 80's seems like a power move. Especially all day at a big time college rivalry tail gate. Tell us what it was like.

"It was a lot of fun. Just carrying it around campus was really funny. We brought it to lunch, then to one of the tailgate scenes (bus lot) - the crowd was into it big time."

Nipyata: I'm guessing the ladies must have been loving you guys with that thing?

"One very young/hot girl came up on the way to the tailgate and just fisted her way in and stole one nip... .which I TOTALLY approved of."

Nipyata: And why wouldn't you? Talk to us about stringing up the Nipyata and smashing it to bits in the middle of the day. Must have been awesome.

"We actually hung it up on the bus, then the smashing is where it went down hill..... I actually didn't even really see because I was playing beruit and some drunk kid on the top of the bus just smashed it by throwing to the ground instead of having a good bashing.... but was perfect to grab some nips and head into the game."

Nipyata: Ah yes, the old smash and grab wrestling move. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Thank you for the order and thanks so much for your time.

"My pleasure. Viva La Frenzy. Viva La Nipyata!"

Nipyata! Tailgate On a BUS!

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