NIPYATA! Sits At The Kids' Table Every Thanksgiving

NIPYATA! Sits At The Kids' Table Every Thanksgiving

We know there are people out there who anxiously await Thanksgiving every year, wondering if this is the year they’ll finally graduate from the kids' table.

It’s any number of reasons as to why these people are forced to sit with their younger (or degenerate) cousins, invalid grandparents, and the strange, reclusive, neighborhood acquaintance who was invited to one Thanksgiving years ago and somehow keeps showing up years later.

But the family as a whole has determined that it’s for the greater good to keep these people away from the more mature and enlightened conversation that flows like gravy around the grownup table.


For these people, we have a suggestion:  Show up this Thanksgiving with a Drunken Santa NIPYATA! or a Boozy Advent Calendar to increase your chances of moving up to the grown ups' table .

Your boozy relatives will love it, and you may just get that wink and a nod letting you know you've graduated to the grown ups' table this year.

Make an effort this year to earn your spot at the grown ups' table.

If you don’t, you can bet your drumsticks that you’ll be watching from the kids' table again as Grandpa Dave dumps the gravy boat down his pants; you've had a front-row seat to that spectacle for far too long, amigos.



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