A Graduation Gift That Changed a Young Grad's Fortune

A Graduation Gift That Changed a Young Grad's Fortune

Graduation Gift NIPYATA!

Lizzie wasn't your average college senior. But she also wasn't anything spectacular.

Solid grades, a cute smile and plenty of friends - but, like many college students her age, she wasn't sure where she was going in life.

She hadn't had a steady boyfriend and other than a wild Spring Break night in Tijuana with a young local stud and a midget pony, her love life had been somewhat underwhelming.

NIPYATA! Donkey Show Tijuana

As senior week approached, a large mysterious box appeared unannounced at her Sorority's front door.

The package was unassuming except for a shiny purple envelope attached.

Lizzie quickly opened the envelope to find a day glow pink note card with cursive writing.

It read, "Dear Lizzie, that NIPYATA! changed my life, and I truly believe it will change yours too. I love you! Congratulations on your graduation! Love, Aunt Matilda."

Lizzie felt a burst of warmth and excitement overpower her entire body as she quickly picked up the box and opened her door to share the mysterious delivery with her roommates.

"Change my life forever?" she asked herself. "What COULD this be?"

Lizzie carefully opened the box and unwrapped the contents to find an adorable rainbow colored donkey piñata with beautiful eyes and the word NIPYATA! embossed on each side.

"That's the cutest thing I've ever seen!" one of Lizzie's friends exclaimed as she jumped up from her position on the bed to get a closer look. "

But...what the heck is it? A piñata?!"

As Lizzie silently read the enclosed NIPYATA! Rules of the Game, she began to blush and blurted it out, "THIS IS A BOOZE PINATA!" the roommates all jumped up in ecstasy and ran over to get their hands on the NIPYATA!

Amidst the commotion, one of Lizzie's nerdy friends, quietly stood to the side, reading the directions on the back of the box.

"Uhhhh, guys, this is no ordinary Booze Piñata - this thing has Special Powers- check this out: 'The NIPYATA! is scientifically proven to enhance the libido, ward off evil forces and bring good luck to all those who come in contact with it.'

The roommates all giggled with delight as they petted and stroked the mystical creature and wondered what types of delicious spirits it might contain. 

Lizzie would go on to have one of the best weeks of her college career during Senior Week, with her NIPYATA! in tow.

Sorority Hazing Spoof

She made new friends, rekindled old relationships, handed out nips of sweet delicious liquor to her classmates, reenacted her wild night in Tijuana with her crush and became a more relaxed confident version of herself.

She could never bring herself to smash open the NIPYATA! as it became a symbol of her transformation into her true self.

Two weeks later Lizzie accepted the job offer all the seniors in her class had been coveting- Media Director and Lead Content Creator at a small NJ Company: NIPYATA! World Enterprises.

Here's to Graduation, Success and Finding Your True Self.

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