Guest Blog Post From a Rad Real Professional Blogger (big time) - She loved her NIPYATA!

Guest Blog Post From a Rad Real Professional Blogger (big time) - She loved her NIPYATA!

When I learned that I was going to be getting a NIPYATA! in the mail, I couldn’t have been more excited.

NIPYATA! Excitement

This is how excited I was.

I was getting ready to move to Amsterdam from Colorado, had a thousand things to do, but was looking for an excuse to get drunk with my friends as a last hurrah. The Stay Classy Burrito with a variety of nips was just the excuse I needed, and also gave me an outlet for the stress that is inevitable whenever you move.

NIPYATA! Stressed I'm Moving To Amsterdam So stressed right now. Moving to Amsterdam soon. So. Much. Weed.

As I beat the shit out of the NIPYATA! with some of my closest friends, the nips began to fall out like they were being delivered to me by angels from above. The NIPYATA! was filled with a huge variety of liquors, and while I was getting creative in my mixology I thought to myself “I am truly living my best life right now.”

 Staying Classy With a Stay Classy Burrito NIPYATA!

 Staying classy before getting trashy.

However, the best part of the NIPYATA! was the sheer amount of alcohol that came in it. When I first received the package I was nervous because it felt kind of light, but it was the perfect amount for our group of 7 people. I even had leftovers, which I brought on the plane with me for a cheap rum and coke.

NIPYATA! Head of the Table

About ⅔ of the nips.

 As a whole, my NIPYATA! experience was unbelievable. Not only did we have tons of fun, but it was a great way for me to close out my last weekend living in the U.S. Thanks NIPYATA! for an incredible party with friends and for providing me with the alcohol for my trans-Atlantic flight a few days later!

(This was written by Grace Baldwin. She's a Pro Blogger. That's how big time we are now. We hire Professional Bloggers. Thanks Grace. You're a nip loving beauty! Click the big button below to shop Grace's favorite NIPYATA! products!)