nips are 50ml bottles of liquor or airplane bottles and we love them here at nipyata inc.

How we got started with this beauty of a company

We launched NIPYATA! in July of 2015. We wanted to create something a little different. A little more fun. A little more creative. And A LOT more boozy. 


Step 1: The Idea
The original 'nipyata' made its debut at parties in Marblehead, MA, and Colorado College in the late 90's, and quickly became a staple at ALL parties.

It was fun. It was random. It was freaking hilarious.

We thought ... could we sell these to other people? Would they think we were crazy? 

Were we still drunk from last night? So many questions ...

 Step 2: The Name

Where we come from, the mini bottles of liquor (airplane bottles) are called 'nips' - so "Nips" plus "Piñata" =  NIP-YATA!

Then we found that was indeed avail and we were in business!

Step 3: The "Product"
Our research discovered many nips (mini 50ml bottles) were made in soft plastic bottles, rather than glass, so we could provide a wide assortment of delicious spirits inside our NIPYATA! products without the risk of breakage.

We learned piñatas were designed to break open easily for 6 year olds- so they could get out the candy.

Now, we may act like 6 year olds most of the time, but with some beer muscles strapped on, we grownups are strong like bull- we needed piñatas made with double ply cardboard to withstand the power swings of inebriated adults!

We worked with a whip smart mechanical engineer (who was a working part-time as a janitor at MIT) to design an adult strength piñata for our NIPYATA! Prototype.

Then we wrote up the NIPYATA! Rules of the Game and we were off to the races with our first boozy product.

Thanks for the love #nipyatalove

Stay Boozy-

-Your friends at NIPYATA!