NIPYATA! Your Ultimate Wingman

NIPYATA! Your Ultimate Wingman

Dating these days is hard, right?!  So many options. So much competition. You haven't been out in public in months. Bars are loud and people are pushy. How do you set yourself apart from the obnoxious hoards who are all vying for the attention of the hottie in the corner? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 😉

Grab your trusty booze filled unicorn and bust through the subpar competitors (can we even call them that?) to grab the attention of the one your heart desires. 


Not sure how to start? We got you, Boo!


For the Freshmen

  • Is that a piñata in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?
  • Wanna play with my (uni)corn?
  • Let’s play a game… it's called smash the peen-yata
  • Did someone call for a party animal?
  • Free Booze!

Ready to Level Up?

  • Hey babe, will you help me free my donkey?
  • Don’t worry, I have my own blindfold
  • I come equipped with my own hydration kit (point to NIPYATA, wink very slowly)
  • Is it still considered a threesome if we bring my donkey? 

Advanced Nippers Only

  • Oh hey… you know what you and my NIPYATA have in common? I could smash you both all night long. 
  • You and Whiskey make me frisky, and I’ve got all the whiskey I can handle
  • I believe in equality… You get one smash, I get one smash. 
  • Dating is hard, smashing doesn’t have to be.
🥰 See you at the wedding 🥰