Our top 5 funniest NIPYATA! Fortune messages created by customers

Our top 5 funniest NIPYATA! Fortune messages created by customers


If you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you probably don't know what our patent pending NIPYATA! Fortunes are. The easiest way to explain the concept is think Truth or Dare meets Cards Against Humanity meets The Piñata meets Airplane Bottles of Booze. 

The NIPYATA! is no ordinary Piñata - this is an Adult Strength personalized drinking game for people who are party professionals.  When you place an order for a NIPYATA! you can personalize the Fortune Cookie inspired messages we attach to the airplane bottles of booze. Here's a list of some of our favorites from some of our more creative, witty and frankly perverted/demented customers (whom we love.)

1. "Rock out with your cock out!"   - Normally this wouldn't even make the top 50 list, but in context we felt this was especially weird and awesome considering it came from the birthday boy's MOTHER for his 21st birthday celebration. This mom clearly knows how to party. Let's hope her son kept it in his pants despite the urges that arise after 21 nips of Fireball on your big day.

2. "I LOVE LAMP." - A tribute to one of the best films of all time. Any reference to Anchorman is worthy of a top five. Drinking a shot of Jack Daniels out of an airplane bottle after reading a quote from Brick Tamland. If that isn't the definition of nirvana, I don't know what is.

3. "Rub a bald guy's head and ask for three wishes." - from a Bachelorette Party NIPYATA! down in Miami. Great dare. Our team debated on booking flights down to spy on these girls. They clearly get it.

4. "Collect two condoms from random men and blow them up as balloons in public." - same scenario as above. We love bachelorette parties. They drink the nips. They do the dares. They love the NIPYATA! Fortunes #nipyatalove

5.  "Drinking this nip will bring you eternal happiness and zero hangover." - Here's to hope and optimism! 

If you have a friend who might enjoy personalized NIPYATA! Fortunes while slugging down nips of delicious liquor. We suggest you place an order immediately.

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