The Supply Chain is Coming for Your Drinks

The Supply Chain is Coming for Your Drinks

You have heard the rumors. You have seen the pictures. You can't escape the news. Everyone is talking about it.  

The headlines tell the scary story...

"There's been gridlock at the Port of Los Angeles, where shipping containers holding products like toys and sneakers have been stuck offshore. Alcohol is among those products affected."

"Shortages and other challenges across liquor supply chain throw a wrench in summer rebound."

"Drinks and raw material shortages are beginning to impact the US with out-of-stock products becoming increasingly prevalent across all tiers of the industry."

"The holiday season is completely ruined." 

So what does this all mean? As demand increases and supply dwindles, the threats to your best and boozy holiday season grows with every passing day. 



We have the 'yatas, we have the advent calendars, we have the cards, and most importantly..... we have the booze!!

Don't let the supply chain ruin your year, be a hero. Get your order in now and make sure your friends and family have the #twelvedaysofnipmas the really, truly, deserve.