Tips for planning an epic birthday party for your bestie

Tips for planning an epic birthday party for your bestie

Planning an epic birthday party for your loved best friend is the best way to show her how precious she is.

She’s been your BFF for years, so you want to throw a party she won’t forget and may not 100% clearly remember...

But if this is your first time organizing a private birthday party, don’t worry. Our birthday party planning tips will guide you and help ensure your bestie and guests have the time of their lives.

So, after you’ve decided on your guest list, the party theme and decorations, and gone shopping for gifts, there are a few more things to consider for a unique party experience.

Choose a fun birthday party destination

Assuming you have the budget to go big and plan a birthday party for a whole weekend, traveling to a fun party destination can show your celebrated bestie how much you want her to feel special on her birthday. It’s an experience that she probably doesn’t get to enjoy every year, so she will surely remember it.

A sunny party destination that can offer you fun party activities, top-notch eateries, and vibrant nightlife will elevate your birthday party celebration. We recommend planning your travel to one of these amazing locations:

  • San Diego - with amazing white sand beaches, luxury yachts to rent with the girls, and the popular Gaslamp Quarter to explore
  • Austin - perfect for a cowgirl-themed birthday party, fun booze pinatas to smash with your friends, and lots of outdoor activities to choose from
  • Miami - with fashionable clubs, fine local Bad Boys, and great party rentals to book that are equipped with spacious pools
  • Scottsdale - has many late-night fun and plenty of clubs to dance the night away, live music events, and fun, Instagrammable spots

Throw the birthday party by the pool

If you want to throw a special birthday party for your friend, you can rent a party house with a pool, fill it with floaties, and enjoy a BBQ in the backyard. This is a great option if you want to celebrate in an all-year-round sunny location such as San Diego, Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Miami.

Decorate your party rental to your taste; make it as colorful and Instagram-worthy as you and your friends like. And don’t forget the birthday booze pinata!

To surprise your bestie and keep all guests entertained, you can book some local Nice Cabana Boys who will serve the drinks, give you ladies light shoulder massages, apply suntan lotions, clean the pool, and do pretty much anything to pamper you. These muscular hunks will also be eye candy for your guests and charm you with their seductive smiles.

Planning your bestie’s birthday party by the pool in a sunny party destination has many advantages you’ll appreciate. You’ll relax under the sun and get that desired tan, drink refreshing cocktails, and create fun memories together.

Create the right birthday party vibe

To keep everyone in the right mood to party and celebrate this special occasion, you need the awesome unicorn pinata  - the Majestic Unicorn-Yata! Watch your bestie smash that cute unicorn to pieces while blindfolded. This is the cherry on top, and it will make the party super fun!

Take Instagramable photos of this fun moment, enjoy some sorted candies together, and don’t forget about the majestic booze included. Grapefruit vodka, rum, and tequila will create the right party vibe. And if your birthday party crew doesn’t wish to stop drinking here, book a hot, topless Bad Boy party bartender to mix your two-pour drinks.

With Nipyata, alcohol is delivered in a fun, festive, and majestic way, and Bad Boy bartenders can mix and serve it while chatting and flirting. It’s the recipe for a successful birthday party!

Book a luxury Bad Boy Party Bus

Hoping on a luxury party bus and touring the best spots is a fun and safe way to explore a party destination city for your best friend’s birthday party. The party buses you can rent with Bad Boys have comfortable bus couches, are equipped with a killer sound system to play your favorite party songs, and come with an ice and bar area to store your booze.

You get a designated driver while you can relax, drink, dance (a dance pole can be included), and take your birthday party crew to your favorite restaurant, winery, bar, or nightclub. Doesn’t this sound fun?

So book your party bus, decide on the pick-up and drop-off location, and don’t forget to welcome your celebrated bestie onboard with a drinkable greeting card.

Get help from an expert party planner

If time is limited and you want to focus on the fun, leave party planning to an expert. A local party planner knows best what fun activities you can add to your birthday party itinerary, the top-rated venues, and local party services, and can help you get what you desire within your budget.

You’ll save time and money, be guided by friendly booking agents, and customize your birthday party package for a memorable celebration experience. So relax, and let a trusted party planning agency make organizing your bestie’s celebration easy and fun.