Top 5 Ways to Rock a Nipyata! at your next social outing

Top 5 Ways to Rock a Nipyata! at your next social outing


We've been fielding a lot of questions lately about the proper way to initiate the Nipyata experience at a social gathering.

Lisa from Yonkers asked, "Do I actually need to string it up and have people swing at it? I'm pretty lazy and don't want to be that girl at the party telling people what to do..."  

Answer: Nope. Sometimes the best way to open a NIPYATA! is to fist your way in and pull the nips out. Or smash it over your friend's head when they least expect it.

Paula in Somerville asked, "What if i just want to cuddle with my Stay Classy? Is that okay? I can't bring myself to smash it."

Answer: Pacifists are 100% approved. Be gentle. Get cozy. Get boozy. #nipyatalove

Here's a few ways to handle your Nipyata! that will make you feel much more comfortable when you walk into a patio party with a Stay Classy underarm.


The Chick Magnet - Whether you're a group of guys going out on the town, or a pride of cougars looking for young meat, a night at the bars with a Nipyata! will help attract mating partners.

You can bring the blindfold for added sexual tension- heck even the smashin' stick could come in handy.

Make sure your Nipyata! is in plain view either on top of someone's shoulder as you enter each establishment or positioned proudly on top of the bar or table.

Reach your hands into the insides of your Nipyata! to find delicious nips and hand them out as bait to help attract your prey.

Arm locked nip swigs lead to late night debauchery.  


The Friendly Enabler - A creative friend of mine used the Hanging Twine to secure his Nipyata! like a messenger bag.

He walked around the party handing out nips from the partially opened Nipyata!

This will make you a ton of friends and there is no violence required. Leave the Blindfold and Smashin' Stick at home.

Get your friends nipped with zero violence.


The NIPYATA! Surprise - An advanced Nipyata! maneuver is to strategically hide the Nipyata so that your hungover party host will find it when they are doing their mandatory depressed post-party clean up.

Usually sad and hungover, she will need a pick me up surprise and a Nipyata is just the trick!

We recommend hanging the Nipyata in the coat closet, on the shower rod in the bathroom or stash it in the passenger seat of their car.

They can grab a nip or two to make their recovery day that much better! 


The Revenge Nipyata! - Nothing like leaving a Nipyata! for an ex-boss, ex-boyfriend or ex-wife filled with some cheap warm tequilas and a pound of glitter.

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