What We Are Wearing:  NIPYATA!'s New Psychedelics Line

What We Are Wearing: NIPYATA!'s New Psychedelics Line

NIPYATA!'s new Psychedelics line is designed strictly for style aficionados, up and coming fashion icons, and casual (and regular) users of mind-altering substances.  Brimming with gusto and bravado, you will hit the town with the combined confidence of the entire history of GQ cover models. 

There is one jacket, in particular, to which we'd like to bring your attention as we feel the product images don't tell an accurate story. Note the progression in the images on the "I Took All The Peyote" page:

1.  Man, presumably on a mild hallucinogen, sees brilliantly styled statement jacket for sale on nipyata.com.  Smartly, makes purchase.


2.  Goes happily to bar solo and orders a glass of red.  Smirks proudly and lays out the vibe.


3.  Puts glass down and surveys the scene.  No longer smirking.


4.  Sees people pointing and laughing.


5.  Thinks to himself, "Maybe the matching shirt was too much."  

Do NOT let these images dissuade you.  Despite the appearance that our model is quickly descending into crisis mode, we would like to reiterate that with our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured that this piece will make you one of the high end toasters you read about.  So, do the right thing and grab the jacket that leading tastemakers have called, "A true masterpiece.  When your spaceship lands, you damn well better walk out of it wearing this."