What We Are Wearing This Weekend...and Every Weekend

What We Are Wearing This Weekend...and Every Weekend

First up:  This savage Nacho Man Randy Savage tank.  

Nacho Man Randy Savage Tank Top

Show off your pythons, as well as your love of nachos and Randy Savage in this 100% coverage printed tank from RageOn.  If you have little garter snakes instead of pythons, go for the smallest size available to achieve maximum buff-ness effect.  Or get back into the gym - you have 59 days til summer.

Next:   Hit up Mask Maniac for the finest Lucha Libre masks known to man.  No party is complete without these amazing 100% made in Mexico wrestling masks.  With Cinco de Mayo coming up, you're going to need to look legit when you drop a flying elbow onto the beer pong table...these will help.

Next up:  Fake mustaches.  Let's face it, you can't really have a big night on the town without some nice facial hair.  If you are follicly challenged in the face, or are too square to grow your own face mullet, these Faux Facial Hairpieces will help you celebrate like a mustachioed champion of the night.  With industrial strength adhesive that is sweat- and booze-proof these are guaranteed* to stick to your face all night. Plus, at the going rate of twenty-five cents per ride, why not put a little coin in your pocket while you're at it?

Finally:  Our favorite espadrilles from Soludos that need no introduction.  We have at least one pair in every size so all our party guests can slip into something comfortable while looking good.  Because life is too short for lame espadrilles.

*In no way guaranteed