SWAMP WATER // NIPYATA! Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Bundle - ***Pre-Order***

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This is the Ultimate Boozy Cinco de Mayo Web3 Bundle to make your Cinco de Mayo a Smashing Success. NIPYATA! has joined forces with SWAMP WATER Craft Brewing to create the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Gift Bundle!

The Stay Classy Burrito NIPYATA! is perfect for those keeping it classy while partying hard.

This is the Original Booze Piñata - it reeks of pure class. Pre-loaded with miniature plastic bottles of liquor and candy chasers. This is the ultimate boozy gift.

While you're waiting your turn to smash open the 'YATA!, sip on some delicious SWAMP WATER Craft Beer - this bundle includes 24 delicious beers from the ultimate Web3 Craft Beer team.

Free Ground Shipping - Arrives just before May 5, 2024
21+ Please Enjoy Responsibly

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
1000% Fun.


  • Sampler Pack of SWAMP WATER Craft Beer - 24 16oz cans of delicious Web3 Craft Beer!
  • NIPYATA! Stay Classy Booze-Filled Piñata (15 Plastic Bottles of assorted premium brand spirits including Fireball, Pink Whitney Lemonade Vodka, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, BakeSale Cookie Liquor, Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi Rum, and more!)
  • 20' NIPYATA!® Hangin' Twine - for your hanging convenience
  • 20" NIPYATA!® Smashin' Stick - for your smashing pleasure
  • NIPYATA!® Blindfold - the ultimate sight remover
  • NIPYATA!® Rules of the Game® - Hilarious, Naughty and Fun!
  • Assorted Candy:  Skittles, Starbursts, Swedish Fish, Nerds (20+ packs)
  • Gift Receipt with no pricing shown on packing slip
  • Shipped in discreet packaging
  • Plastic Liquor Bottles and Candies conveniently pre-loaded inside the Piñata - Hang 'Yata. Apply Blindfold. Smash Responsibly. Enjoy Thoroughly.
  • Special forces that ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to all!
  • The piñata is pre-loaded with mini plastic bottles plus 20 candies 
  • Arrives on or just before May 5th, 2024 to make your Cinco a Smashing Success!

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Size: 19"(h) x 6"(w) x 13"(d)